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Let the truth be told...
Kunal Patel
Senior in College (Science major with Psychology minor)
Interests: To be your friend, writing stand-up comedy, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Disney Movies, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, nerdy pick-up lines, math, science, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, video games, food, X-Men, playing and watching sports, fantasy football, among other things

I am a God amongst ants, a Pokemon Master, an expert in Google searches, personal adviser to Queen Elizabeth II, Presidential Nominee in the 2028 Election, Consultant to Professor Charles Xavier and the X-Men, Appointed As Chief Warlock by the Wizengamot, recipient of Order of Merlin & Supreme Mugwump, Former member of the Fellowship of the Ring, 6 time NBA Champion and MVP, and an avid science fan

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people are lost

Oh no! Look behind you!

Oh no! Look behind you!

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    Troops should be brought home, wars are always fought for an underlying corporate reason. Money makes the world go...
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